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Jimmie Haskell And His Orchestra,The Five Blobs,Шеб Вули,The Electro,Jimmie McConville,The Shamrocks,The Duals,Jimmy Lloyd,Ванда Джексон,Чарли Физерс,The Tempests,Ронни Дэвсон,The Rhythmasters,The Dynamos,The Camelots,The Sparkles,Бадди Миллер,Ронни Селф,The Lifeguards,The Versatones Magnificent. 62 Classics From The Cramps Insane Collection (2 CD)

James Conolly Up The Pillar (and Down by the Four Courts)

An arrest; conviction based on false testimony; a sacking from his job. Jimmie embarks on a Joycean odyssey through Dublin and the courts in in an attempt to clear his name and overturn his criminal conviction.

1277 РУБ



Arturo Bowman The Red Mercury Run Circle

When John McCormack, a Scottish mining engineer living and working in Ghana, visited Jimmie in his Barons Court flat, accompanied by his girlfriend, Veronica Sam, Jimmie, who had only recently met the engineer while on a visit to the mining town of Tarkwa, had a business proposal. He would persuade him to go into business, trafficking gold. If he agreed, John would get the gold from the mining company in a manner only he would determine, Jimmie would fly to Ghana, collect it, and bring it to England to sell. The two would split the proceeds straight down the middle. With Veronica present, however, Jimmie was somewhat inhibited but hoped for an opportune moment to bring up the subject. While skirting around the subject during a discussion of the dire economic situation prevailing in Ghana, the engineer suddenly said, "You know, in Ghana today, and especially in Nigeria, red mercury is a hot commodity. A teaspoon full of the stuff will bring you several thousand naira." Jimmie registered the statement in his mind and decided that perhaps the red mercury track would be more lucrative than his business plan. In any case, he did not know how John McCormack would take the suggestion. Lured by prospects of striking it rich, Jimmie Quartey, recently graduated from Kings College, University of London, and his live-in girlfriend, Maria Kostopoulos, spent their lives' savings on twenty kilograms of mercuric oxide red and embarked upon a journey that would take them on a whir...

1102 РУБ



Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra,Эдмонд Холл,Кларенс Уильямс,Бустер Байлей,Бобби Хэкетт,Билл Коулмен,Louis Prima And New Orleans Gang,Johnny Dodds Washboard Band,Jimmie Noone Orchestra,Jabbo Smiths Rhythm Aces,Higginbotham,Сидней Беше,Бикс Бейдербек,Джек Тигарден,Джей Нил Монтгомери,Генри Рэд Аллен,Маггси Спаниер,Кид Ори,Луи Прима,Johnny Orchestra,Джонни Доддз,Фэтс Домино,Клод Лютер,Рэд Аллен,Дж. С. Хиггинботарн,Кинг Оливер,Рэд Николс Spirit Of (4 CD)

Duke Ellington And His Orchestra Orchestra. Concert In The Virgin Islands

Элла Фитцжеральд,Бадди Клерк,Сэмми Кайе,Джонни Мерсер,The Andrews Sisters,Боб Хоуп,Бинг Кросби,Луис Джордан,John Scott Trotter & His Orchestra,Луи Армстронг,The Count Basie Orchestra,Isham Jones And Orchestra,Woody Herman Orchestra,Charlie Barnet Orchestra,Duke Ellington Orchestra,Teddy Powell Orchestra,Lucky Millinder Orchestra,Хелен Хьюмз,Джек Тигарден,Benny Carter Orchestra,The Delta Four,Стафф Смит,Leonard Feathers Esquire All Stars,Сэм Прайс,Hot Lips Page,Каунт Бэйси,Дюк Эллингтон,Бенни Гудман,Artie Shaw Orchestra,Билли Холидей,Фрэнк Синатра,Луи Прима,Джин Келли,Джуди Гарланд,Кэб Кэллоуэй Swing! (4 CD)

Джуди Гарланд,Бинг Кросби,Арти Шоу,Гленн Миллер,Benny Goodman & His Orchestra,Боб Хоуп,Shirley Ross,Фред Астер,Ginger Rodgers,Марта Тилтон,Paul Whiteman And Orchestra,Луи Армстронг,Бенни Гудман,Дюк Эллингтон,Билли Холидей,Рут Иттинг,Lew Stone Band,Айви Андерсон,Вуди Херман,Кэб Кэллоуэй,The Dorsey Brothers Orchestra,The Andrews Sisters,Этель Уотерс,Элла Фитцжеральд,Ben Selvin Count Basie Teddy Wilson Orchestra,Коулмен Хокинс,The Glenn Miller Orchestra,Фэтс Уоллер,Элис Фэй,The Ritz Carlton Orchestra,Eddy Duchin Classic Hits Of The 30s (4 CD)

Russell Hatler Caught Red Handed

Jimmie and Dolly are at it again. A slot machine irregularity in a bank of Keno slots The Greek sold to an Indian Casino in New Mexico has cost the casino a loss of face big time. It may well cost them real money as well. Jimmie heads to Albuquerque to find out what's happening. His investigation takes him to the east coast, redneck country and a close-knit family of conniving rascals. Jimmie ends up twelve miles offshore on an ocean-going gambling boat at the mercy of the elements and the clan. Then it's Virtual Reality time as Jimmie goes caving in search of fame and fortune. Jimmie manages to meander his way through the booby-trapped maze but he's outfoxed by the bad guys once again. Then it's avatar versus avatar in an epic battle of gamesmanship. And where's the delectable Dolly when Jimmie needs her most?

1552 РУБ



Russell Hatler Odds and Ends, LLC

Something big is about to go down in the Windy City. Nobody knows the exact details, but they sure know who to call. James "Jimmie Quick" Silver has earned a much deserved reputation as a man who knows where the bones are buried. He is ably assisted in his detecting pursuits by his next door neighbor, Dolly, a topless dancer with more on her mind than fluff. Lucy, Dolly's fellow ecdysiast, has gone to Chicago to help organize a group of dancers and something has gone horrible awry. In the end Jimmie and Dolly save the slumbering Lucy from a fate worse than death, and Dolly becomes more deeply entangled in the web of Jimmie's dubious charm.

1527 РУБ



David Buttolph, His Orchestra And Chorus Chorus. The Horse Soldiers. Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Alan Lampe Bills Cajun House of Pleasure

It's a romp in the swamp of HISTORIC proportions!Eager young reporter Jimmie Rains is assigned to write an exposé on the treatment of elderly residents of Our Lady of Sorrows Nursing Home. He soon finds that all the residents speak in awe and hushed tones of the life led by legendary fellow resident Bill Valencourt.With a bit of coaxing and the help of a flirtatious nurse, Jimmie gets Bill to talking about his past. At first, getting the story is like pulling teeth, but Bill soon warms to his subject and begins to spew a torrent of bawdy, foul-mouthed memories.As a teenager, Bill was sent to work for his cranky and demanding uncle who ran a bordello on the edge of the swamp. His girlfriend, Anne Marie, was less than happy with this arrangement. As the granddaughter of the famous swamp witch Marie Laveau, she believes her magic is strong enough to keep Bill from straying. She seduces him, believing the taking of his virginity will bind him to her for all time.She is sorely mistaken.When his uncle is murdered by the wife of an angry patron, Bill’s destiny is irrevocably changed, leaving him the new owner of the cathouse and setting him on the path to both riches and ruin. When he falls in love with one of his girls—the beautiful and curvaceous Ariel—Anne Marie vows revenge.The ensuing battle of wills covers three continents and six decades filled with colorful characters and improbable circumstances, but Jimmie gets the story of his young career.

877 РУБ



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Jimmie haskell and his orchestra the. Шлем горнолыжный Uvex "Jimm Helmet", цвет: черный матовый ...

Шлем горнолыжный Uvex "Jimm Helmet", цвет: черный матовый. Размер S - характеристики, фото и отзывы покупателей. Доставка по всей России.

Jools Holland And His Rhythm & Blues Orchestra,Blues Orchestra Friends Friends. Small World Big Band

Frank L. Packard The Adventures of Jimmie Dale by Packard, Fiction, Action & Adventure, Mystery Detective

"The most puzzling bewildering, delightful crook in the annals of crime!"That's what Herman Carruthers, the editor of the Morning News-Argus, had called the Grey Seal over his after-dinner coffee at the St. James Club with rich man-about-town Jimmie Dale.He cracked safes, this Grey Seal. He wore a mask. And although he left his mark at each job -- he never actually took any loot.What Carruthers could not have known was the handsome man he was talking to was the Grey Seal. Nor that Jimmy Dale, blackmailed by a mysterious woman who knew his secrets, was about to start a war on the men who ran the underground of New York City . . .The Crime Club!

1477 РУБ



Бен Уэбстер,Коулмен Хокинс,Count Basie All Stars,Лестер Янг,Лайонел Хэмптон,Бенни Гудман,Бак Клейтон,Бенни Картер,The Oscar Peterson Trio,Джонни Ходжес,Glenn Miller Band,Гарри Эдисон,Дюк Эллингтон,Пегги Ли,Нэт Кинг Коул,The Andrews Sisters,Билли Холидей,Тони Беннетт,Эрл Хайнс,Бадди Клерк,Дин Мартин,Bob Crosbys Bob Cats,The Count Orchestra,The Glenn Orchestra,Фрэнк Синатра,Дайна Вашингтон,Artie Shaw & His Orchestra,Элла Фитцжеральд,Кей Кайзер,Isham Jones And Orchestra,Эдит Пиаф,Фред Астер,Джонни Мерсер,Сара Воэн,Louis Armstrong Orchestra,Бинг Кросби,Teddy Powell Orchestra,Арти Шоу,Ренато Карозоне Swing (5 CD)

Jimmie Chinn, Hazel Wyld The Garden Party - A Play

It is Richard's seventieth birthday. To his Isle of Wight home come his children - Sam, unhappily married, and bringing her autistic son, Miles; Charlie, a discontented alcoholic with numerous chips on his shoulder; and Ben, whose generosity and sense of fun draw attention away from a mystery at the heart of his life. With Ben arrives Brice, an expected addition to the party and, in some quarters, an unwelcome one: for Brice was the first husband of Richard's wife, Jan, and is the real father to her children. The scene is set for a day and a night of revelations, arguments and moments of tenderness as the family seeks to resolve its difficulties and to put the past behind all of its members.|4 women, 4 men, 1 boy

2127 РУБ



Ruth G. Haskell Helmets and Lipstick

Helmets and Lipstick is the first-hand account of Second Lieutenant Ruth Haskell, chronicling her time spent as a combat nurse with U.S. troops in North Africa during Operation Torch. First published at the height of the war in 1944, Haskell's memoir is a classic account of combat nursing in World War 2, an important addition to the literature of the war in North Africa and of the history of non-combatants in the Second World War.

1239 РУБ



Jimmie Chinn Something to Remember You By

In Something To Remember You By we enter the strange and lonely world of Armstrong Armstrong. Struggling to become a writer and convinced that he is ugly and scarred, Armstrong can find escape only at the cinema, and in his absent father's collection of records. Meeting Venetia, the very image of his favourite female singer, Armstrong begins to believe that happiness is possible for him, but disillusionment soon sets in, and he has to find a more intense form of escapism - becoming the icon himself.|3 women, 2 men

2127 РУБ



The Rolling Stones,Bobby Benson And His Jam Session Orchestra Marvellous Boy. Calypso From West Africa

Генри Манчини Henry Mancini And His Orchestra. The Pink Panther

Walt Deecki Sr. Angels On High

Angels on High is a cozy mystery, filled with sadness, joy, and suspense. It teaches the concept of not giving up when tragedy strikes. From the trials and tribulations of everyday life to the happy times, the story will warm the reader’s heart as it draws the reader in to the friendship that develops between young Jimmie and Mr. Pulaski, and his friends become yours. The book is timely, filled with scripture, and it has the wholesomeness of good reading for all ages.This story is filled with mystery as God’s angelic messengers guide the characters through life-changing experiences. Love binds their hearts as God’s love binds their souls. This story is comprised of the life of Mr. Pulaski, Jimmie, Becky, and God’s intervention that all come together as the excitement builds, bringing together a suspenseful conclusion.Angels on High is about a young boy who is intrigued by an elderly man’s tales of his travels and adventures that brought meaning to his life after tragedy caused him to question his faith. It’s about a young boy who must face his own burdens and learns through the stories of his best friend, Mr. Pulaski. It’s about learning from Mr. Pulaski’s stories of the intervention of God’s angelic messenger, who, without his knowledge, guided him. It’s about making a personal choice whether to follow God or to continue blaming him for his loss. It's about a young girl named Becky who is the new girl in town and her struggles to be accepted by her young male friends as ...

1252 РУБ



Вайнони Харрис,Bill Haley And His Comets,Ernie Fields Orchestra,Иден Кейн,Титус Тернер,The Robins,Лаверн Бэйкер,Джимми Рикс,The Room Mates,Чак Уиллис Slow Grind Fever. Volume 1. Adventures Into The Sleazy World Of Popcorn Noir (LP)

Side 1: Tracks 1-8 Side 2: Tracks 9-16

1620 РУБ



Билли Холидей,Рей Эллис,His Orchestra Billie Holiday, Ray Ellis And His Orchestra. Lady In Satin (LP)

Nathan Haskell Dole The International library of famous literature; selections from the greatest writers . with biographical and explanatory notes, Comp. arranged by Dole,

Эта книга — репринт оригинального издания, созданный на основе электронной копии высокого разрешения, которую очистили и обработали вручную, сохранив структуру и орфографию оригинального издания. Редкие, забытые и малоизвестные книги, изданные с петровских времен до наших дней, вновь доступны в виде печатных книг.

1146 РУБ




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